23 tornadoes scared southern US, storm is shifting above East Coast

Wednesdayś tornado outbreak brought minimally 23 tornadoes and many hailstrom and windstorm reports in southern USA and the system is moving eastward above Florida, and all East Coast including Mid-Atlantic and Northeast, where the next severe storms are ongoing / expected.

The worst was situation in Mississippi and Alabama, where several tornado events has occurred.

Forecasts of meteorologists and tornado watchers therefore were successful and fortunately, any bigger damages including fatalities haven´t been reported.

However, tornadoes in some regions hit populated regions, too, with local damages, but too video records.

System is now shifting above southeasternmost parts of the USA, but too above Mid Atlantic and Northeast.

In southern regions, severe storms are expected, while in parts of Northeast, snowstorm is until the end of week possible.

According to forecasts, warm weather will return into Northeast and cold pattern will stay above western USA, but at the end of March 2021, for a few days, west will be warm and Midwest and Northeast very cold.

Forecasts for April are favorable for spring above-average weather mainly in northern parts of the USA, while southern parts are expected to be normal or little colder than usual /https://mkweather.com/northern-usa-and-southern-canada-will-be-extremely-warm-until-the-end-of-april-2021-extreme//.

In Rocky Mountains, the next snowfall is expected mainly between 20.-25. March 2021 (after extreme blizazrd from last weekend: https://mkweather.com/52-5-inches-133-cm-snowfall-after-historic-blizzard-in-wyoming/; https://mkweather.com/colorado-and-wyoming-see-record-blizzard-historic-snowfall-in-denver-69-cm-and-cheyenne-76-cm/).

It is possible, that tornado outbreaks will return soon into Midwest – Mkweather Spring forecast for North America expect very explosive tornado season 2021 /https://mkweather.com/spring-2021-forecast-for-north-america-2021-mk//.


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