Chukotka, Russia, with extreme March blizzard

Only a few days after severe blizzard was reported from South Korea, with 94 injuried, strong spring snowstorm shifted above Far East, including easternmost parts of Asia.

The worst was this snowstorm in Chukotka, where several videos and lot of material was during and after the storm created.

As we should see on videos, snowstorm before a week was accompanied with severe wind gusts and not only snow was damaging.

In some parts of videos we should see high accumulations of snow, higher than cars or people.

Freezing weather was in early Spring 2021 reported from other parts of Siberia, too / and snowstorms hit too parts of Canada /

Accroding our Spring 2021 forecast for Asia and North America /;, Far East (Asia), western parts of Canada and Alaska should be prepared for cold, rainy and snowy spring, thanks to still persisting La nina pattern above Pacific.

It is therefore possible, that from northern Pacific will be reported severe late spring blizzards during the next weeks, yet.

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Author: marekkucera
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