Deforestation in Haiti as possible factor of deadly floods

Heavy rains during the first April 2021 decade triggered floods and landslides in Haiti.

3 people died and 3 were missing after flash floods hit regions of Cap Haitien and the districts of Blue-Hills, Haut du Cap, Petite Anse, Charrier, Zo-Vincent Cité du Peuple, Fort Saint Michel and Bas-Champin.

Environmentalists and activists attribute more often flash floods in the island, including Dominican Republic, to widespread deforestation and corrupted government in Haiti.

Accoroding to Mkweather seasonal forecasts, stormy Spring 2021 /, but hot and dry Summer 2021 is for the island forecasted /

However, above average Hurricane season 2021 is expected and early hurricanes should hit Caribbean and Florida region mainly in late summer 2021 /

Similarly, thanks to La nina, powerful tornado season in North America is expected and some tornadoes should appear in Caribbean too, next months.

La nina pattern should according to the newest materials around Autumn 2021 strengthening, what means little stronger Hurricane season 2021, such was earlier predicted /

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Author: marekkucera
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