Switzerland with deadly avalanches, 50% worse than other seasons, 27 died

Not only deadliest winter season in history in the USA /https://mkweather.com/deadly-avalanche-season-in-the-usa-the-worst-forecasts-in-history/; https://mkweather.com/deadliest-week-for-avalanches-in-the-us-in-more-than-100-years-2021//, but too extremely deadly winter in the highest European mountains – the Alps, is reported from Switzerland.

According to Planetski.eu, 27 people has been killed during last winter season, until the end of March 2021, what is 50% more than 20-year average after 2000.

In total, 318 avalanches causing damage -material and bodily injury.

215 of them was triggered by people and 296 people being caught on them.

Among the fatalities was former Olympian Julie Pomagalski, a snowboarder from France who died on 23. March 2021 according to watchers.news.

According to American professionals from Colorado Avalanche Information Center (CAIC), there were slightly more accidents than average at the weekend, especially Saturdays, when more people are usually on the mountains.

“It is not known whether the coronavirus pandemic has an influence on mountain attendance date and the risky behaviour of winter sports enthusiasts,” CAIC said.

Cold weather in March and April 2021  /https://mkweather.com/european-april-arctic-blast-206c-in-718-masl/https://mkweather.com/the-next-snowstorm-for-europe-cold-front-will-be-shifting-across-europe-7-days/https://mkweather.com/belgrade-10-cm-of-snow-new-record-of-the-latest-snowfall-since-1888-croatia-120c-in-564-masl// with short, but intensive heatwaves dividing them /https://mkweather.com/the-spain-323c-france-299c-germany-272c-the-netherlands-261c-theuk-247c-poland-243c-sweden-197c// are very favorable conditions for the next avalanche events until the start of Summer 2021 in higher elevations.

Therefore, if you plan a vacation in the mountains, be careful and watch current weather and expert warnings, forecasts and news from the mountains in Europe and North America, both.

Illustration photo: 10 Most Dangerous Natural ‘‘Disasters’’; | by Yinal Ardan Aktaş | Medium
Location of fatal avalanches, Source: Avalanche Deaths In Switzerland Up 50% This Winter – PlanetSKI
Location of all avalanches in Winter 2020/2021 /Source: Avalanche Deaths In Switzerland Up 50% This Winter – PlanetSKI

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