Belgrade 10 cm of snow: New record of the latest snowfall since 1888, Croatia -12,0°C in 564 MASL

Previous records 7 cm from month April were recorded in 1996 and 1997.

Extremely cold weather hasn´t hit only northern, western and central Europe, but too Balkan.

Not only unbelievable -20,6°C in 716 MASL in Slovenia / and the next expected snowfall before 15. April /, but too regional snow records surprised parts of Balkan.

In Belgrade, Serbia, from Tuesday to Wednesday, 6.-7. April 2021 fell the highest snow cover in modern history (since 1888) of meteorological measurements. Depth of a snow reached in the morning winter 10 cm and minimum temperature dropped below 0°C.

Even colder was in Kopaonik, 1711 MASL – record -10,1°C.

Brutally cold morning was reported from Gospic, Croatia, only 564 MASL, only -12,0°C thanks to 24 cm snow cover. It´s record temperature for Croatia for month April, if we neglect mountainous stations.

Temperature in Sarajevo dropped during last night into -3,0°C and 15 cm of snowfall covered the ground. In Bjelasnica, 2067 MASL, Arctic day with maximum temperature only -10,0°C was measured.

Ljubljana reported -4,4°C and 8 cm of snow. Only before 6 days, on 1. April 2021, Slovenian capital reported summer +26,2°C.

Extremely cold was in Hungary, too, in Szeczeny, 152 MASL, only -8,0°C.

The next snowfall or only least snow showers is possible in Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and Romania around Wednesday and Thursday, 13.-14. April 2021.

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