Gigantic hailstorms and deadly tornadoes in the USA again, forecasts see 2 next outbreaks

March 2021 tornado outbreak in parts of Southeast, USA was in some states anomalously powerful.

Very early start of tornado season brought in Alabama 65 tornado reports what is the most in all-time March history. Since 1950, no more than 30 reports was observed across the state in month March.

Severe March tornado outbreak brought over 200 tornado reports across the USA in 3 main waves around 17., 25. and 31. March 2021.

Thanks to ongoing La-nina, explosive Tornado season 2021 in the USA is until June 2021 forecasted /

April is bringing after extreme heatwave / after time the next extreme tornado outbreak into Southern USA.

Before an arrival of storm system, exceptional heat hit Texas, with 110°C / +43,3°C in Falcon Lake on Friday, 9. April 2021. Cold air collided with these extremely hot tropical masses and already at the weekend, extreme big hailstorm surprised North Texas.

Cold front has continued on its way trough southern states with another tornado outbreak.

Tornadoes in Gulf Coast according to available information caused 2 deaths and 7 people have been injured.

Although, between 12.-23. April 2021, the next and very powerful late-spring coldwave is in the USA expected /, 2 next possible tornado outbreaks are in outlook on the next frontal systems – the first around the weekend and early next week and the second around 25. April 2021.

Severe storms with large hail and tornadoes will be very probably continue in May and June 2021, when almost every year, a peak of tornado season is observed.

Illustration picture:

Next possible tornado outbreaks until the end of April 2021 /

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