European April Arctic blast: -20,6°C in 718 MASL!

Extreme April 2021 Arctic coldwave is here and in some regions in was very surprising.

Temperatures in lower situated regions, below 1000 MASL, didn´t drop only below -15°C, such we have forecasted in previous articles, but in Novi Vasi, Slovenia, extreme -20,6°C (!!!) was after an Easter 2021 measured (a new national April record).

Extremely low temperatures were reported from other countries, too – the Alps reported the coldest April outbreak in history, with minimum temperature only -33,2°C in Capanna Margherita, Italy (Western Alps, 4554 m), what is a new cold record for April: (-29,6°C on April 8 2003) beated by 3,6°C. Lower situated Alpine peaks were too extremely cold – Jungfrujoch in Switzerland at 3580m reported -26,3°C (a new national record for April) or Plateau Rosa, Italy, -26,8°C (3480m – a new national record for April from stations with long term measurements).

Coldwave was interesting in France, UK and Germany – in lower situated regions temperatures dropped below -8°C. Bourdons, France reported -8,3°C and in Beauvais, northern France, where temperature reached almost summer +24,8°C in previous week, monthly record -6,9°C was measured. From Cairnwell, UK, -8,1°C, Benson, UK, -7,5°C and from Oberstdorf, Germany, -8,8°C was reported in International Exchange Site, but it´s possible, that in basins and valleys temperatures dropped even lower, between -10/-15°C.

Severe Weather Europe informed about extreme pressure difference between western and eastern Atlantic (1070 hPa vs. 965 hPa), what should be a reason of European Arctic outbreak extremity in April.

Similarly such as during Winter 2020/2021 was created extreme blocking situation /;, only in other part of a world and in another season.

Now, it´s a reason of extreme Arctic winter in Europe and summer and tropical weather across USA and Canada.

Arctic outbreak moreover brought into many European countries untraditionally heavy snowfall and snow showers, including many capital and metropolitan cities.

The next cold mornings are prepared on Thursday and in eastern parts of continental Europe on Friday, 8.-9. April, too.

Above British Islands, extremely cold weather stays all current week and frosts will return into northern and western parts of continental Europe between 12.-14. April, yet. This second coldwave however won´t be so extremely strong such the first, when temperatures dropped below -20°C in lower situated and populated European basins and valleys.

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