Abnormal temperature in Sardinia, Mediterranean, -8,0°C in 500 MASL!

Meteorologists on Twitter have informed, that extreme frosts up to -10°C hit not only continental parts of Italy /https://mkweather.com/italy-subtropical-crops-suffer-10c-frosts-harvest-in-a-danger// and anomalous -12°C lower situated regions in southern France /https://mkweather.com/french-vineyards-are-fighting-with-extreme-frosts-temperatures-dropped-up-to-12c//, but too island with hardly Mediterranean climate – Sardinia.

In altitudes around 500 MASL minimum temperatures have dropped up to -8,0°C in Illorai what is exceptionally low April temperature for the subtropical island.

While in northern Italy, apple, pear, plum or cherry trees were in big danger and in many regions, harvest in 2021 will be very poor, in southern regions, olives, orange and grape trees or tomatoes or artichokes were heavily damaged.

All-time record low temperature record for the island from winter months is only -17,0°C from 13. February 2012 (similar La nina year such as the start of 2021), while in summer, temperatures should reach up to +47,2°C (12. August 1957).

Abnormal temperature -8,0°C, only 9°C above all-time record for the island, is in month of April something very untraditional and for many inhabitants of the island potentially devastating.

Similar extreme frosts have appeared during last days in Balkan, where -20,6°C was measured in 716 MASL in Slovenia /https://mkweather.com/belgrade-10-cm-of-snow-new-record-of-the-latest-snowfall-since-1888-croatia-120c-in-564-masl// and -12,0°C in 564 MASL in Croatia /https://mkweather.com/belgrade-10-cm-of-snow-new-record-of-the-latest-snowfall-since-1888-croatia-120c-in-564-masl//.

Extreme frosts already shifted above eastern parts of Europe /https://mkweather.com/czechia-180c-slovakia-133c-austria-118c-hungary-99c-polish-main-stations-92c/; https://mkweather.com/poland-13c-20-cm-of-snow-in-lowlands-next-week//.

According to the newest materials, the next coldwave with the next snowing and frosts is prepared for Europe already in next week /https://mkweather.com/last-snow-for-parts-of-europe-in-the-middle-of-april-snow/; https://mkweather.com/the-next-snowstorm-for-europe-cold-front-will-be-shifting-across-europe-7-days//.

Arctic air should again hit similar regions such as previous, therefore, regionally, critical situation with severe frosts should repeat in many regions.

Illustration photo: Italys Archives – BULLETIN OBSERVER
Source: News – Benvenuto su Sardegna Clima (sardegna-clima.it)
Artificially frozen apple trees covered with melting ice near Bressanone, in the northern Italian province of South Tyrol, Italy, on April 8, 2021. (AP Photo)
Source: Italy’s sparkling apple trees are frozen to survive – BULLETIN OBSERVER

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