A few days before Summer 2021 still frosts in British Islands and continental Europe

Temperatures below zero in lower situated basins appeared in Austria on Wednesday, 26. May 2021 (Zwettl, -0,7°C, 506 MASL) and in the UK on Thursday, 27. May 2021 (Sennybridge, -0,5°C, 307 MASL).

Many European countries reported ground frosts and minimum temperatures in lower situated regions below +3,0°C.

On Wednesday, 26. May 2021, the coldest countries were: Zwettl, Austria, -0,7°C, 506 MASL; Colmer, France, +0,1°C, 211 MASL; Nesteres, the Spain, +0,9°C, 870 MASL; Telgárt, Slovakia, +0,9°C, 901 MASL; Machrihanish, the UK, +1,0°C, 13 MASL; Oberstdorf, Germany, +1,0°C, 810 MASL; Chateau Dou´x, Switzerland, +1,1°C, 985 MASL; Pec pod Sněžkou, Czechia, +1,3°C, 816 MASL; Sopron, Hungary, +1,4°C, 233 MASL; Zakopane, Poland, +2,0°C, 857 MASL; Claremornis, Ireland, +2,4°C, 69 MASL; Parg, Croatia, +2,4°C, 863 MASL; Ratece, Slovenia, +2,4°C, 864 MASL.

On Thursday, 27. May 2021, the coldest countries were: Sennybridge, the UK, -0,5°C, 307 MASL; Lunz, Austria, +0,9°C, 610 MASL; Reims-Prunay, France, +1,2°C, 95 MASL; Bamberg, Germany, +2,5°C, 240 MASL; Madona, Latvia, +2,6°C, 132 MASL; Mullingar, Ireland, +2,8°C, 101 MASL; Telgárt, Slovakia, +2,8°C, 901 MASL+ Vitoria, the Spain, +2,9°C, 503 MASL; Ratece, Slovenia, +3,0°C, 864 MASL.

According to the newest GFS outputs, ground frosts or rarely frosts will be still possible in Central Europe, mainly Alpine, Carpathian and Bohemian Massif basins, until 1. June 2021. Then, until 12. June 2021, warm period with heatwave will bring warm mornings, without threat for sensitive plants.

If you live in marked regions below and take care for sensitive plants, you should consider the next anti-frost protection minimally during the next 5 mornings.

Spring 2021 in many parts of Europe will end such as the coldest in 21st century, but early Summer 2021 is forecasted to bring after long time warm, summer weather.

Illustration photo: How common is an early frost in our area? (whsv.com)

Source: meteologix.com

Source: wetterzentrale.de

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