Pastures in the Alps under the snow: Cows can´t feed and summer is knocking on the door!

German media after news about the coldest April (and May) 2021 in Europe in decades decided to map extremely cold conditions in Bavarian Alps – and they are bringing authentic reports about current life in Alpine pastures in late May 2021.

After we noticed, that in Czechian mountains around 1300 MASL is extremely lot of the snow /, shocking news are arriving from many parts of Europe – in the Alps was spring “pasture” season for cows significantly delayed, while e.g. Slovenian mountains report the highest snow accumulations in all-time summer season history (one of the next articles). Scotland moreover in last days reported snowing in lower situated areas (next Mkweather article).

About the situation in the Alps originated 2 videos (below), which are showing coniferous forests and neighboring meadows in Bavaria, Germany, covered by the snow.

Cows therefore still can´t go out to pastures and some farmers might have to wait until mid-June, until the snow definitely will be melted, for the start of the summer season 2021.

It is extremely late – in some very warm years they should go out to meadows already in April, maximally in May.

In September and October farms are bringing cows back down into the valleys.

Thanks to La nina year, with strong Atlantic hurricane season and possibility of early coldwaves in Autumn 2021, it should be very short summer season in 2021 with uncertain effect into agricultural production.

Moreover, forecasts for Summer 2021 are for large parts of northern and western Europe cold, including northern half of Germany, while the Alps expect temperature neutral summer /

Cold shock in Europe / is arriving after long-term and ongoing La nina event /, series of strong volcanic eruptions VEI4 – VEI5 and minimum activity of solar cycle /

During Summer 2021 probably thanks to La nina are waiting us many weather surprises in Europe and around the world, e.g. snowing or frosts should appear in British Islands (Scotland) or Scandinavia and significant coldwaves with heavy rain or ground frosts in continental Europe.

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