Deadly, +45°C heatwave for Italy, Greece, Turkey, already next weekend!

While British Islands and large parts of northwestern Europe are preparing for cold rest of May 2021 and subsequent cold Summer 2021 (-5°C on Saturday, 22. May in Scotland expected) /;, in Mediterranean soon will start exceptional spring heatwave.

Already around next Saturday, 29. May 2021, maximum temperatures in Italy and Greece near sirocco should reach locally anomalous +45°C, what is approximately threshold for all-time May records for Mediterranean.

In the Spain and Portugal will be little “colder”, only up to +37°C, southern France should be tropical only at the start of June 2021, but Balkan will be according to the newest materials record hot at the same time, such as Italy and Greece, with possible temperatures up to +40°C.

+35°C should surprise in Hungary and tropical temperatures above +30°C in southern countries of Central Europe such as Austria or Slovakia, but too, in Ukraine.

Germany and Poland should enjoy summer temperatures above +25°C very shortly according to these materials.

Tropical +30°C should surprise Scandinavia too, but only in early June 2021, according to the newest GFS.

Only northwestern Europe, it means the UK, Ireland, Iceland, the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, northern France, Denmark, Norwegian coast and northern and western Germany appear to be without summer weather during this period.

However, in next 10 days (until 29.5.), forecasts should change yet and mass of extremely hot air should shift more westward, or eastward.

The most probable are heatwaves just in Italy, Greece and Balkan, where really threaten deadly conditions around the last Spring 2021 weekend.

If you live in the region, watch current news, warnings and forecasts for better preparedness.


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Author: marekkucera
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