Hong Kong: +34°C on Easter after record temperatures in March

Not only Taiwan, which is suffering the worst drought in 73 years /https://mkweather.com/taiwan-the-worst-drought-in-73-years-extreme-2021-mk// and Japan with the earliest cherry blossom since 812 /https://mkweather.com/japans-cherry-blossom-earliest-peak-since-812//, but also Hong Kong and eastern and southern coast of China experience with extremely hot spring weather.

Temperature anomalies on Thursday, 1. April 2021 are very, regionally extremely high along eastern coast of Asia and this synoptic situation is bringing record heatwave.

In Hong Kong, record +32,5°C was measured at the end of March 2021, what is only 0,3°C from all-time March record for the country.

During an Easter, even hotter, tropical temperatures, such as in summer, are forecasted. In the hottest places of Hong Kong, +34°C is possible during holidays.

Extremely warm weather reports not only Hong Kong, Japan and Taiwan, but too South Korea – Soeul reported at the end of March record +24,0°C, what is the earliest +24°C in the city ever /one of the next articles with this topic/.

Similarly such as Europe, region expects very cold Arctic blast after an Easter, mainly around 8. April 2021 according to wxcharts forecast tool, while Tibet and Mongolia will be extremely warm.

Extreme heatwaves were reported in last time from many other Asian countries, e.g. India /https://mkweather.com/imd-warned-before-deadly-heatwaves-from-april-to-june-bhubaneswar-already-446c-delhi-401c//, Pakistan /https://mkweather.com/pakistan-455c-march-records-were-broken-almost-in-all-asia//, Middle East /https://mkweather.com/middle-east-almost-45c-its-very-early-central-asia-38c-already// or Thailand /https://mkweather.com/thailand-still-with-severe-drought-424c-a-new-march-record-measured//.

Illustration photo: ScreenBeauty | hong kong, sunset, buildings | City
Current T850 hPa anomalies in East Asia /wxcharts.com
Expected coldwave around 8. April 2021 /wxcharts.com

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