Man in High Tatras was hit by lighting! Heavy storms in the Alps and Carpathians after another hot day!

After extremely warm 31. March 2021 in Europe /, there is an extremely warm 1. April, with record temperatures across parts of Italy, Central Europe, Balkan and Eastern Europe.

Almost tropical temperature on 1. April surprised Trento, northern Italy (Alpine region), with unbelievable +29,3°C.

Extremely hot was in Slovenia (Cerklje Ob Krki, +27,6°C), Bosnia and Herzegovina (Zenica, +27,3°C), Croatia (Karlovac, +26,7°C), Switzerlnd (Grono, +26,4°C), Hungary (Sopron, +26,3°C), Austria (Kleinzicken, +26,0°C), Slovakia (Hurbanovo, +25,6°C), Czechia (Brno, +24,5°C) and Poland (Tarnow, +23,4°C).

Its only temperatures from International Exchange Site, where aren available all stations, therefore, national HeatwaveMAX should be 1-2°C higher.

What is probably more interesting such as extreme heatwave are severe storms, which have surprised mainly Poland, Czechia, Slovakia, Hungary, Belarus and Ukraine (wider Carpathian region) and the Alps (Germany, Switzerland, Austria and Italy) on Thursday, 1. April, afternoon and evening.

Mainly above southern Poland, Slovakia and Hungary, lighting activity was unseasonably strong and should cause several damages.

According to, supercell storms with hails have been observed mainly in eastern Slovakia /;

In High Tatras, one tourist was hit by lighting according to /

Storm line is continuing above Balkan and during the night and on Friday, 2. April 2021, the next round of storm above southern parts of Europe is possible.

From Easter Friday to Easter Monday, after this cold front, the first dose of Arctic air will come above continent, but the worst is prepared for Europe from Easter Monday (5.April) to early net week, 12. April 2021, when widespread snowfall and severe frosts during extreme Arctic cold blast are still expected.

Arctic outbreak in Europe will be topic of the next Mkweather article, therefore stay watch weather with us.

Illustration photos : 19,179 Autumn Sunset Range Wall Murals – Canvas Prints – Stickers | Wallsheaven; storm-sized.jpg (2200×1467) (


Lighting on Thursday, 1. April, evening in Europe /
Expected rainfall including storms until Easter Monday, 5. April /

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