Europe hits in the 3rd April decade the next coldwave + Speculations about May 2021

Europe experiences with extremely cold April 2021.

Firstly, extreme coldwave in the first April decade have brought -20,6°C temperature in South-Central Europe only around 700 MASL /, record snowfall in Belgrade / and extreme frosts in France or Italy destroying 2021´s harvest /;;;

Then, the second April 2021 coldwave in the second decade of the month, is bringing extreme snowfall and the next round of severe frosts /;;;;;

Currently, the newest, surprising outputs for the third decade of April predicts, that during the third coldwave is waiting us very soon, mainly between 22.-28. April in central Europe and during the all decade from western into eastern parts of Europe.

Wxcharts weather tool outputs of temperature in 2 meters anomaly above the most hit regions we attached into Infogrphics below.

Within this coldwave, the next frosts 0/-5°C, rarely in mountainous Alpine basins up to -8°C are forecasted around the peak of coldwave around 23.-24 April 2021.

In some parts of Central Europe, mainly at the night, snow showers should surprise during this period.

The highest negative temperature anomaly will be only slowly shifting between 22.-28. April from Germany into Poland and Romania and around 28.-29. April, the next, 4th coldwave is possible to begin in the UK, France, the Spain and Portugal according to 12Z GFS outputs from 15. April.

It means, that May 2021 should start too with cold weather, but snowing and frosts below -5°C are for now not probable. Light frosts however should surprise our gardens in the last spring month, too.

Earth is not cca 0,5°C colder than before La nina event / and in the case of returning NAO- phases, it should mean the next cold times for Europe in May 2021 /

According to ECMWF 40-day Weather Regime frequency forecast, more blocking than NAO- weather pattern is forecasted for these days, although, NAO index dropped almost to -2. In May 2021, increased probability of atmospheric blocking should produce some coldwaves, yet – the start of the month should be colder and ECMWF predicts the next cold blasts in Northwestern Europe in the second half of May 2021.

On the other hand, Sahara is these days extremely hot /; and it´s only waiting for impulse for extreme hot air advection above Europe throughout a May 2021, therefore, not only cold, but too very hot weather is in the next month for a time very probable.

Illustration photo:

Region with the highest negative T2m anomalies between 21.-30. April 2021 in Europe /

Source: ECMWF | Charts

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