Harvest in the USA in danger, Arctic blast is bringing late snowfall, then hits severe frosts

Late season snowfall at the weekend, 17.-18. April 2021 is reported from parts of the USA – mainly Northeast and Rock Mountains regions.

In Northeast, the heaviest snowfall has fallen in New England, but snow cover appeared too in parts of Connecticut and Massachusetts.

In Rocky Mountains, late snowstorm hit mainly Colorado an Wyoming.

Denver according to the newest news, has experienced with the snowiest winter season in last 8 years (yes, since last storng La nina period).

According to Accuweather, up to 14 inches / 36 centimeters of snow has fallen in Lenster, New Hampshire and Searsburg, Vermont in Northeast.

Aspen in Rocky Mountains reported 11.6 inches / 30 centimeters for 36 hours until Friday and after extreme snowfall, freezing mornings are coming.

According to coolwx.com weather tool, daily temperature records should appear on Sunday, 18. April mainly in Texas, Oklahoma and Kansas.

Temperature in 850 hPa anomaly above southern USA reached below -12°C from long-term average on Sunday, while wesern coast experiences with powerful heatwave, with updated maximum temperature in Lytton, near Vancouver, +29,0°C /https://mkweather.com/283c-near-vancouver-canada/; Source: Extreme Temperatures Around The World (@extremetemps) / Twitter/.

Cold air mass from central USA will be gradually shifting above eastern parts of the country in next days, with possible damaging frosts or ground frosts or harvest.

The coldest conditions are forecasted mainly from Wednesday to Friday, 21.-23. April 2021, when extremely cold Arctic air floods all eastern half of the USA.

Regionally, temperature anomalies up to -30°F / -17°C are expected during mid- and late workweek and snowing is forecasted in central Midwest.

T850 hPa anomaly above the USA on Sunday, 18. April 2021 /wxcharts.com
Source: coolwx.com
Source: wxcharts.com

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