Egypt +44,0°C, Iran +43,3°C, Kuwait +42,8°C, Israel +42,6°C, Saudi Arabia +42,0°C and the hottest April day in Damascus and tropical days in Caucasus

Sahara, Middle East and Southern Asia report really hot weather, with maximum temperatures +40/+46°C regionally and the first doses of extremely hot air will shift already above Caucasus, SW Russia and Central Asia.

Last 5 days (18.-22. April 2021) were in region from Libya and Egypt across Middle East, Eastern Mediterranean up to Turkey, Iran, Pakistan, India, Central Asia and Caucasus extremely hot.

The hottest was in Egypt – Kharga reported during the period +44,0°C, but only in a short time, in Abadan in Iran, +43,3°C was measured.

Temperatures between +42/+43°C were reported from Kuwait and Iraq, Abraque Mazraa, Kuwait with +42,8°C or Ainaltamer, Iraq with +42,3°C.

Very hot was in Negev desert, Israel, up to +42,6°C and all-time April temperature record was overcame in Damacsus, Syria, where +38,4°C was measured.

Yenbo in Saudi Arabia reported +42,0°C and temperatures above +40°C appeared in Oman shortly, too.

In India and Pakistan, every day, temperatures around +43/+44°C as national TOPs are these days observed.

In southern Sahara and Sahel is even hotter, up to +47°C.

Hot desert air already shifted above Caucasian, southwestern Russia and Central Asia, with the first tropical days of the year.

In Georgia with +31,2°C in Batumi, in Azerbaijan with +30,8°C in Zakataly and in Armenia with +31,0°C in Kapan, there are very different days from that, what are experiencing inhabitants of European continent.

+30,1°C even, was in Vladikavkaz, SW Russia, measured.

Central Asia and large parts of Russia reported in last period tropical (south) or least summer (north) days, including many parts of Siberia, where new daily temperature records were broken.

Already in next days, the next dose of extremely hot Saharan air is forecasted to shift above region.

Arrival of summer, or tropical days to Europe is thanks to warming in tropical and subtropical latitudes only a question of time.

Temperatures in region during last 5 days (18.-22. April 2021) /


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