Cold spring in Asia: Yakutsk after severe snowstorm

Long winter season 2020/2021 doesn´t want give it up not only in Europe and North America, but too in parts of Asia.

In series of previous articles we have informed about extreme coldwaves with snowing and frosts in Europe /e.g.;;;;;

Late-season coldwave finally hit after Alaska and northwestern Canada other parts of Canada, the USA and Mexico, too /; and for complete picture of North-Hemispheric coldwaves it remains to look at Asia.

Not only frozen Songua River in April in China, but too severe snowstorm in Yakutsk region, where during last days fell almost 0,5 meters of snow are documenting a power of La nina and NAO- patterns, when they effect together /;

While temperatures in the first April decade in Yakutsk dropped up to -28,1°C, on Wednesday, 14. April, after snowstorm skies made clear and temperature dropped already to -20,5°C.

As we should see on videos below, the city found itself below winter-like snowfall these days.

At the weekend and on Monday, 10.-12. April, airport in Yakutsk was closed thanks to blizzard conditions, informed people in Twitter.

Only one difference from winter is, that temperatures aren´t reaching -60°C, but only -20°C.

Short, but for a time hot Summer 2020 is close in the region, but cold Earth very probably makes conditions to cultivation harvest in 2021 harder, than in other years.

During Arctic blasts in the summer, -10°C temperatures are near clear skies still possible and rare snowing should surprise, too.

In the next article we will look at still frozen Songhua River, China.

(84) Crazy Spring ❄ Strong snow storm hits Yakutsk, Russia! Snow buries homes, cars and streets! – YouTube

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