South Africa with a new April record, +44,8°C

While in Australia, the first snow was during last days reported from southern regions, after record April heatwave /, in South Africa is still present extremely hot autumn weather, even, with tying all-time April temperature records.

In Vioolsdrif, northern desert parts of the country, after extremely hot night, with exceptional minimum temperature +31,7°C, temperature reached record +44,8°C on Tuesday, 13. April 2021.

All-time hot national record from summer months (from 3. November 1918) has value +50,0°C.

All-time cold national record from Buffelsfontein (23. August 2013) has value -20,1°C, but this is higher elevated populated region around 1750 MASL.

Hot record is coming despite of colder and stormy seasonal forecasts for Autumn 2021, probably thanks to increased atmospheric blocking /

Winter 2021 would be in South Africa warmer and after the end above average cyclone season, the first snow should appear already in the next months /

We will see, how effect will have persisting La nina pattern to Winter 2021 in Southern Hemisphere – Antarctica should during La nina anomalously cooling down, what should produce extreme coldwaves across Australia, South America and southern Africa /

Illustration photo: Summer Global Internship, Cape Town | UCEAP (
Source: Koppen-Geiger_Map_Africa_present.svg

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