Spain +44,8°C, Italy +42,0°C, Greece +41,6°C...In Italy the highest real-feel in record, +52°C

On Saturday, Saharan air brought a new records of maximum temperature in Mediterranean.

Temperatures are extremely high in Spain for long time and last hours were little hotter, than record from Sunday, 26. July 2020 (Écija, +44,7°C) - Saturday´s temperature high in Álora, province Malaga was +44,8°C / Extremely hot day in Italy brought not only +42,0°C in Deciomannu, Sardinia, but too, thanks to very high humidity, extreme real-feel temperature up to +52°C in Sardinia / In Greece, on Friday +41,6°C was measured according to / in Serres, Central Macedonia region and +41,4°C on Saturday, in Argos. In France, 3 days with maximum temperature up to +42°C were observerd, with maximum +41,9°C from Thursday in Socoa.

Heatwaves are not saying last word this summer, yet, and will be continue during first half of August in many parts of Europe / Before heatwaves, heavy storms are till Wednesday, 5. August, expected.

Storms in sight as Western Europe swelters under heatwave

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