China with the lowest temperatures for 41 years (1980), Tulihe, -46,3°C

Extreme winter fairytale, with overcoming of long-term temperature records in Northern Hemisphere is continuing during the second peak of winter, too and after report from Bermuda /, there are next disturbing news from Far East.

Temperatures in northernmost provinces of China – Inner Mongolia and Heilongjiang dropped at the weekend, 30.-31. January the first time below -45°C minimally since 1980!

Tulihe on Sunday, 31. January reported freezing -46,3°C and Mohe only -46,2°C. Tulihe and Mohe and metropolitan areas, therefore is very possible, that in frost valleys and basins in the region was even colder, below -50°C.

Extreme cold air has shifted above Far East from eastern parts of Siberia, mainly Yakutsk region, where before a few days, the coldest temperatures since 1996 were observed /

Since extreme Major SSW in late December 2021 began /;, extreme frosts have appeared in many parts of Siberia and around all Northern Hemisphere;;

After current, the second peak of Winter 2020/2021, the next, third peak is prepared for Europe, North America and parts of Asia between 5.-20. February 2021 /;

In parts of Balkan, in the mountains, persisting cold conditions are bringing record amounts of snowfall /;

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