Mecca, Saudi Arabia with disastrous floods

Saudi Arabia under attack of severe floods, hail and heavy rains!

The worst situation was around Tuesday, 27. April 2021 in Mecca region, where disastrous floods caused widespread damages.

Floodwater in some parts of the region was 1 – 2 meters high, according to video and photo materials.

Severe floods were reported too from cities of Jazan and Al Taif, western and southwestern Saudi Arabia.

The next hit regions by floods and hailstorms were Medina, Al Baha, Jazan, Najran, Riyadh, or Qassim.

Meanwhile, extreme heatwave from Middle East; has shifted above Central Asia, where temperatures even in Kazakhstan reached almost +40°C / and southern Siberia, which reports widespread wildfires.

Until 15. May 2021, the next heatwaves are forecasted to hit mainly northern parts of Middle East around 5. and 10. May.

In southwestern Saudi Arabia, western Yemen, northernmost Iraq and Iran, risk of severe storms and flash floods will be according to 16-day precipitation forecast possible.

According to Spring and Summer 2021 seasonal forecasts /;, hot weather is forecasted for upcoming summer season 2021 in Middle East and Central Asia, what should be associated with very hot conditions above Sahara /, where will be main stocks of tropical air shifting eastward.

However, in Sahel is forecasted very stormy Summer 2021, with severe floods, what should have impact to southern parts of Arabian Peninsula, too.


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