Persisting drought triggered wildfires in Ireland and Northern Ireland

Not only severe frosts and possibly regional the coldest April in last almost 100 years in parts of the UK /, but too severe spring wildfires were triggered by persisting dry weather across northwestern Europe in late April 2021.

24 from 27 days of April 2021 have brought in Aboyne, Scotland morning frosts 0/-8°C, but days were sunny and between 13.-26. April relatively warm, with maximum temperatures +10/+17°C, on the sun it should be around afternoon +20/+25°C in some days.

Over northern and western parts of Europe longer time in April 2021 persisted region with high pressure anomalies, although it was mainly high pressure with Greenland´s origin, traditionally rainy and cloudy parts of Europe have reacted to this situation by regional wildfires.

In the fire found itself the oldest national park on the island in Mourne Mountains, Ireland / Northern Ireland – Killarney National Park.

Some photos and videos from the region are really dramatic and fire was in some parts of the mountains very close to settlements.

“The lower fire in a place called Oak Wood, which is home to some of the oldest oaks in the country, is now out.” according to Habits of thousands of animals have also been destroyed.

Officials say a fire burning in Killarney National Park is one of the worst in the area in at least 40 years.

Change of circulation pattern, with expected rainy and stormy weather is in British Islands and parts of northern and western Europe forecasted only after 5. May 2021 and until early May, the next frosts are possible. Wildfire risk in the UK and Ireland is therefore staying high during the next minimally 7 days.

In Scotland, frosts below -5°C are in early May 2021 even possible.

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