Storm Lola brought severe storms in Spain and Portugal

During last days, storm system Lola was moving above Iberian Peninsula, accompanied by severe storms with heavy rains, hails, strong winds and severe lighting.

The most hit regions were northern Portugal and southern Spain, where damages were reported. Some damages after lighting were too observed from southern France.

The most severe storms hit Malaga region, where hailstorms, heavy rain and severe lighting occurred early this week, with regional floods and damages. Intense lightning display turns night into day according to some watchers.

Latest reports from ESWD from the region you should look at;;;;;

Accumulated rainfall of 20mm in an hour was forecasted and later reported from the Costa del Sol, Guadalhorce, Axarquía, Antequera and Ronda areas and 40mm in 12 hours on the Costa del Sol, Guadalhorce and Axarquía / from Monday to Tuesday, 26.-27. April 2021.

According to International Exchange Site, the highest rainfall were during last days reported in the Spain, Portugal and France:

The Spain:

Thursday, 29.4.: Bielsa, 55,6 mm, Ripoll 53,7 mm, La Pinilla 33,6 mm

Wednesday, 28.4.: Canizares 30,8 mm, Bielsa 30,0 mm

Tuesday, 27.4.: Malága 34,0 mm, Cazalla de la Sierra 32,6 mm, Estepona 31,0 mm

Monday, 26.4.: Caravaca 35,0 mm

Sunday, 25.4.: Castropol 35,0 mm, La Coruna 33,4 mm

Saturday, 24.4.: La Coruna 34,4 mm


Tuesday, 27.4.: Portalegre 38,4 mm

Monday 26.4.: Beja 42,1 mm

Sunday 25.4.: Castelo Branco 101,6 mm, Penhas Douradas 76,2 mm, Coimbra 36,1 mm, Beja 32,0 mm, Monte Real 30,6 mm


Thursday, 29.4.: Montelimar 35,6 mm, Cannes 31,6 mm St Auban sur Durance 30,4 mm

The first May 2021 days in basins and valleys in northern Spain should bring frosts and ground frosts /, but gradually, between 4. and 12. May 2021, long-term heatwave is for Iberian peninsula forecasted.

After very long time, heatwaves hit many parts of Europe in the first half of May 2021 - firstly mainly southern parts, then almost all continent /

Reports from last days in ESWD /
Source: Arde un aerogenerador en Villalba del Rey tras el impacto de un rayo (
Source: Una fuerte tormenta con granizo inunda viviendas de El Casar - -
Source: Una intensa tromba de agua y granizo sorprende a la ciudad y anega el barranco de San Antón - TeleElx
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