Madeira: floods and landslides, Porto Moniz 161 mm / 24 hours

Severe storms with heavy rains hit at the Christmas Madeira, Portugal, northern Atlantic.

Municipality of São Vicente reported floods and landslides, 20 people were evacuated in Ponta Delgada and 7 in Boaventura according to

After floods and landslides, many roads were closed, many regions isolated, power lines were downed.

In Porto Moniz, 161 mm / 24 hours fell on 25. December 2020, with many places above 100 mm / 24 hours precipitation amounts on the islands.

Above Azores, in winter usually holds stable Azores high, but anomalous long NAO- since late November 2020 is causing many storms associated with low pressure disturbances above center of North Atlantic high pressure.

Next severe storms according to 16-days forecast are for Azores prepared around 2. January 2021 and 7. January 2021, with next possible floods or landslides.

For landslides are needed initial conditions, linked with long-term heavy rains and characteristic geomorphologic structures.

Landslides in Madeira, source:

Forecasted storms for Madeira on 2. January 2021 /
Forecasted storms for Madeira on 7. January 2021 /

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