National disaster in Fiji: Deadly Cyclone Yasa in holiday paradise, Category 5 with 350 km/h wind gusts, New Zealand should have hard Christmas

During last period Mkweather has warned before 2 powerful cyclones in southern Pacific – Cyclone Yasa and Cyclone Zazu /;

From Yasa, became the strongest cyclone, which hit Fiji in all-time history, with direct impact to more than 850 000 Fijians (95% of the population), with extreme wind gusts, flash flooding and severe coastal inundation with waves up to 12 meters.

Yasa such as cyclone Category 5 made landfall in Bua province on the northern island of Vanua Levu on Thursday evening, with winds up to 285 km/h and wind gusts up to 350 km/h across the archipelago.

Fiji on Thursday declared a state of natural disaster and ordered its entire population of nearly 1 million people to find shelters. Traffic was completely closed. Cyclone caused thanks to quick evacuations only 2 deaths.

Yasa now aims towards northern or western New Zealand, where ex-Yasa should hit around Christmas /24.-26. December 2020/, with possible severe rain in northern / western coast of the islands and in the mountains.

Christmas in New Zealand therefore should be hard, with tropical or post-tropical threat.

Videos and materials below are showing devastating effect of Cyclone Yasa in Fiji.



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