USA WITH ABNORMAL CHRISTMAS (Windchill -50°F / -45°C!!!): One of the coldest Christmas since 2000, temperatures below -30°F / -35°C

An extreme Christmas! Forecasts for eastern half of the USA have become crazy last days, with abnormal coldwave across parts of Northern Plains, Midwest, Northeast, Mid-Atlantic, South and Southeast!

Anomalous coldwave will be associated with decline of AO and NAO indices during these days and extremely cold air will shift to southernmost parts of the USA including Florida!

Absolutely worst conditions are expected in Northern Plains, where temperatures will be around 35°F below temperature average, with severe frosts below -30°F / -35°C and values of windchill dangerous for life outside, only below -50°F / -45°C during Christmas evening (24.12.) (!!!)

Temperatures such this won´t be only serious threat for spreading of COVID-19, but too linked with even more serious problems such as frostbites, problems with breathing or worsening of cardiovascular diseases.

It will be one of the coldest Christmas since 2000 in large regions of the USA, regionally with possible all-time Christmas temperature records.

Before severe frosts, Northern Plains and Great Lakes region hit severe blizzard, which helps to next decline of temperatures.

Cold air will quickly spread up to Gulf Coast and later East Coast, worst conditions however will be in continental parts of eastern half of the USA, mainly Northern Plains, Midwest, Great Lakes area, eastern Northeast and northern South and Southeast.

Extreme cold front hits area from Newfoundland, Canada to Yucatán, Mexico - in its northern half will be intensely snowing, in its southern half are expected severe storms and possible tornadoes.

Next Arctic cold blast is coming only a week after historic blizzard in Northeast /

Forecasts to New Year 2021 for the USA and Canada are for now milder for eastern half of a continent, but coldwave and snow should occupy western half for a change, therefore celebrations of the New Year should be with heavy frosts, with high risk of COVID-19 spreading mainly in these parts of the USA and Canada. Forecast for Silvester 2020 and New Year 2021 for the USA and Canada will be updated on Mkweather, yet - now are all our eyes on extreme Christmas 2020 coldwave.

Infographics:,,, ECMWF:

Precipitation on 24.-25. December 2020 on 4 slides in 12 hour intervals /ECMWF

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