Europe under the snow! Heavy blizzards on the way, in these regions a risk of snow calamity!

Europe hits premature and extremely strong winter!

A long period with very cold conditions is forecasted already between late November and early January 2021-2022 /visit our homepage, Winter forecast is available here:

NAO index is forecasted to fall to the lowest values since extreme frosts in Europe in January and February 2021, when frosts up to -35°C appeared in Europe (Czechia, Hungary around 1000 MASL) and April 2021, when up to -20,6°C was measured in low situated basins and valleys below 1000 MASL (Slovenia) /

Temperature is forecasted to decrease probably until the New Year / and the first cold period has already started on Tuesday, 23. November, with a peak in the last November days and early December 2021.

Not only severe frosts, possibly up to -40°C in Scandinavia, -25°C in continental Europe, -20°C in British Islands and -15°C in the Mediterranean, but too severe blizzards across the continent are forecasted!

These are regions with the highest probability of anomalous snow cover during the period 24. November – 8. December 2021:

1.) The Alps and its wider region – eastern France, southern and central Germany, northern Italy, Switzerland, Austria, Slovenia: Traditional region hit by severe blizzards, snow cover should be counted by meters.

2.) The Carpathians – Moravia, Slovakia (mainly northern), neighboring Hungary, southern Poland, southwestern Ukraine, Romanian Carpathians: Locally more than 1 meter of snow below 1000 MASL is possible (densely populated basins and valleys), many regions with 10-50 cm of snowfall.

3.) The Pyrenees and northern Spain, NE Portugal – deep snow cover 10 – 50 cm should appear in basins and valleys 500 – 1000 MASL.

4.) Central Massif, France – traditionally cold region, 10 – 50 cm in 500 – 1000 MASL.

5.) Ardennes, France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany: snow cover 10-30 cm regionally possible.

6.) Scotland and northern England – 10 – 30 cm of snow regionally in basins and valleys.

7.) Western and southern Balkan – mainly mountainous regions with 10 – 50, locally more than 1 meter of snowfall.

8.) Apennines, Italy – mainly regions around 1000 MASL, 10-30 cm.

9.) Poland, Ukraine – including lowlands, 10-30 cm regionally possible.

10.) Baltic countries, Belarus – regionally 10 – 30, locally maybe 50 cm of snowfall in lowlands.

11.) Norway, Central Sweden, Finland (+Iceland)– traditional regions, 10 – 50 cm, in Scandinavian Mountains meters of snow.

12.) Central and northern European Russia: 10 – 50, in St. Petersburg region maybe around 70 cm of snowfall.

13.) Caucasus – meters of snowfall, later.

14.) Northern and eastern Turkey – traditional mountainous, densely populated region, sea-effect, and 10 – 50 cm, rarely 1 meter in lower elevations around 1000 MASL possible.

15.) Atlas, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia: 10-30 cm around 1000 MASL regionally.

Blizzard conditions should be accompanied by very low real-feel temperatures, in mountainous populated basins and valleys and more rarely in lowlands, below -20°C, thanks to possible severe winds.

Cold weather has a bad impact on the virological situation, heart attack rates, many kinds of cancer, or should cause hypothermia.

Blizzards should cause widespread problems on roads, highways, or railways and power outagesincluding metropolitan areas.

If you live in possible hit regions, we highly recommend you to watch current weather news, forecasts, warnings, and advisories.

Illustration picture: Regions with possible blizzard conditions in Europe /Source:

Last 6 runs of GFS for Europe – Total Snowfall. Source:

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