Cyclone Tauktae (Cat 4) hits India and Pakistan in full power!

Monsoon season in Asia is beginning and not only Tropical storm Crising in Philippines /, but too very strong Cyclone Tauktae is forecasted to hit almost whole west-Indian coast and southeastern Pakistan in next days.

Tauktae will likely rapidly intensify into a cat 3 or 4 cyclone as it heads towards the India and Pakistan border.

Rapid intensification to a Cat 3+ major cyclone is forecasted should bring potentially catastrophic landfall in the region of India/Pakistan border as an extremely dangerous cyclone.

Heavy rainfall was already reported in region of Kerala. In parts of Lakshadweep, Kerala, Tamil Nadu's ghats districts, coastal districts of Karnataka, Goa, Gujarat and Southwestern Rajasthan in India, warnings of IMD are valid.

Cyclone hits too southeastern Pakistan, mainly Karachi region.

Cyclone will arrive above land near India/Pakistan border around Tuesday, 18. May 2021, until then will be bringing severe rainfall along Indian coast.

Mumbai should be hit in relatively weaker intensity such as southern and norther parts of subcontinent.

Remnants of the system are forecasted to shift towards Himalayas during next week, with possible heavy rains in northern India.

Monsoon rains should on the other side help near COVID-19 pandemic by increasing of humidity, what is an important factor for spreading a virus /

Heavy rains are until the end of May 2021 forecasted for southern Myanmar and southern Thailand, too, locally up to 2000 mm / 16 days. Region of Bay of Bengal already reported floods in last week (east India and Myanmar).

Tauktae will be the first Cyclone of the season 2021 in Northern Indian Ocean and if scenarios about Category 4 will be successful, it should be unexpectedly deadly.

Therefore if you live in region or plan a vacation, watch current forecasts, warnings and weather news.

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