Extremely cold air is already in Southern Europe! Greece +6,1°C, North Macedonia +4,8°C, Bosnia and Herzegovina +3,9°C, Romania / Slovenia +3,4°C, Croatia +3,0°C! 2-3°C above all-time records!

Statistics about measured national TOP minimum and TOP maximum temperatures in Europe between 22.-30. August 2021 you will find here: https://mkweather.com/statistics-the-coldest-measured-temperatures-in-europe-during-the-august-2021-coldwave/ and now, we should look at extremely low observations, which occurred in Southern Europe this week (30. August – 2. September 2021).

Already on Monday, 30. August, only +3,0°C was measured in Gospic, Croatia, which is only 3,0°C higher value than the all-time temperature record for the station for August.

In Livno, Bosnia and Herzegovina, +3,9°C was measured on 30. August 2021, which is only 3,3°C above the all-time August record.

The same day, only +4,8°C was measured in Lazaropole, North Macedonia, which is 3,7°C above the August record.

Extremely cold air shifted on Tuesday, 31. August 2021 to Greece – Florina in northern parts reported only +6,1°C, which is only 2,1°C from the all-time August record!

A little warmer in comparison with all-time records was on 31. August 2021 in Miercurea Ciuc, Romania, +3,4°C, which is 6,4°C above the August record.

Currently, a new wave of cold air is arriving from North and Kocevje, Slovenia on 2. September reported already +3,4°C (all-time records unknown).

A wave of extremely cold weather is expected at the weekend in Scandinavia, up to -10°C /https://mkweather.com/record-frosts-in-scandinavia-10c-at-the-weekend-4-5-september// and there is a possibility of the first significant ex-hurricane in Europe /https://mkweather.com/the-first-significant-ex-hurricane-in-europe-possible-hurricane-category-4-larry-should-bring-danger-to-america-then-should-aim-towards-the-uk-france-ireland-benelux-norway-spain-or-portugal//, which should cause the next cooldown in Europe after 12. September 2021.

Ground frosts or frosts are on Friday, 3. September possible in Alpine and Carpathian valleys, too, only on Thursday, temperatures rarely dropped near 0°C.

Mkweather will furthermore inform you about severe Autumn 2021 coldwaves, such as measured summer and tropical temperatures during an upcoming heatwave in continental Europe /https://mkweather.com/the-last-tropical-heatwave-of-the-year-in-european-mid-latitudes-france-35c-benelux-germany-alps-and-carpathians-30c-hungary-35c-the-uk-and-poland-28c//.

Background map: T2 m anomaly on 2. September 2021 in the region /wxcharts.com
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Author: marekkucera
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