Accuweather Summer 2021 forecast for the USA agrees with Mkweather

Weather models haven´t changed their forecasts for Summer 2021 for the USA a lot and current seasonal forecasts are similar, such as outputs of meteorological models before a month ago.

It means for the USA stormy East and hot and dry West. /

While Southeast should be temperature neutral, what is not fully La nina pattern, Northeast should be very warm.

Southeast should be moreover hit by the first hurricanes of the season 2021 in late Summer 2021.

Accuweather is writing about late summer heat to build in Northeast after stormy start and busy hurricane season in Southeast /

Tornado season should still bringing severe storms in June 2021.

Monsoon in Southwest is expected to return following extended absence, according to Accuweather meteorologist and Widlfire season on West should be again very extensive.

Similar pattern should hit Canada, with stormy East and very hot and dry West.

Mexico will be bothered with hot and dry, in northwest probably stormy monsoon weather gradually.

In Caribbean and Central America will be hot, what will be important factor for warming of surface ocean waters, although, waters of the US coast won´t be warming so dramatically thanks to more neutral air temperature anomalies and frequent storms above the region.

Source: AccuWeather’s 2021 US Summer Forecast | AccuWeather
Source: Summer 2021 forecast for North America: Hot, stormy East and dry West | mkweather

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