Frosts, ground frosts and monthly records in the Spain! Northwestern Spain -3,0°C, Andalusia +4,6°C

Cold weather hit at the beginning of May 2021 untraditionally not only the UK, France, Benelux or Germany, but too the Spain and Italy.

In the Spain, similarly such as in France and Germany /;, in the first May 2021 days, all-time monthly records were regionally measured and in basins and valleys, unseasonably strong frosts were furthermore destroying the harvest.

The coldest was on Monday, 3. May 2021 in Beariz, northwestern Spain, not far from Portugalese border, only -3,0°C in 610 MASL according to AEMET.

In Xinzo de Limia near Beriz, only closer to Portugalese broder, 616 MASL, only -2,9°C was on 3. May measured and May frosts were in the city stronger than frosts in April 2021, when only -0,9°C was measured.

In Madrid, only +4,8°C was on 1. May, measured, Cordoba reported on 2. May +6,7°C or Barcelona on 3. May +9,7°C.

In Portugal, Ovar / Maceda in 17 MASL reported only +3,6°C on 2. May and +4,0°C on 3. May 2021, with possible ground frosts. In Braganca, 691 MASL, +3,5°C was measured on 1. May 2021.

Extremely cold was untraditionally in the hottest region in Europe – Andalusia.

In Jerez de la Frontera, minimum temperature on Sunday, 2. May 2021 reached only +4,6°C, with a possible ground frost, what is the lowest May temperature in the city ever!

Vineyards and subtropical plants across the Iberian Peninsula therefore after strong April frosts should report the next damages, mainly in basins and valleys.

Frosts and ground frosts in the Spain are possible in next 3 mornings, yet, but they will weakening gradually and will be limited for basins and valleys in northern half of the country.

From the south, heatwave is beginning already in next days, with peak around 8. May 2021, with maximum temperatures up to +36°C.

The next frosts and ground frosts should appear in the region around 11.-13. May 2021.

Persisting cold conditions around the world since Winter 2020/21 are ascribed to strong La nina, series of volcanic eruptions VEI4-VEI5 and minimum of current solar cycle activity.

Source: El Tiempo. Hoy y últimos días: Andalucía – Resúmenes diarios anteriores – Mapa – Temperatura máxima (°C) – Agencia Estatal de Meteorología – AEMET. Gobierno de España

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