UK -5,8°C (3,6°C from all-time May record), Poland -4,9°C or Spain -2,4°C at the weekend, next days severe frosts in central Europe, too

Extremely strong frosts bother Europe at the beginning of May 2021, too and after the coldest April 2021 in some regions in 100 years, the next severe sector with frosts is shifting from western above central Europe.

On Saturday, 1. May 2021 was extremely cold in the UK, in Shap only -5,8°C, what is only 3,6°C higher temperature, than all-time May temperature record for May in the UK from Lynford (1941) /

Very cold was on Saturday too in Cewice, Poland, only -4,9°C, Stende, Latvia, -3,3°C, Berth, Germany, -2,8°C, Mullinger, Ireland, -2,5°C, Silute, Lithuania, -2,3°C or Jogeva, Estonia, -2,0°C.

According to weather tool, daily temperature records were on Saturday overcame in England, France and Norway, while Belgium reported locally all-time monthly records!

Even colder was Sunday´s morning, although without monthly records, but with daily records in England, France, Spain and Belgium and very cold weather from Morocco to Sweden.

On Sunday, 2. May, the coldest was in Mersrags, Latvia, -4,5°C, Castlederg, the UK, -3,6°C, Romorantin, France, -2,9°C, Valke Maarja, Estonia, -2,6°C and Xinzo de Limia, the Spain, -2,4°C.

On Monday, 3. May, extremely cold morning is expected in Germany, Czechia, Switzerland and Austria.

On Tuesday, 4. May, the coldest air will shift above Poland and Slovakia.

On Wednesday, 5. May, the next coldwave will begin in the UK.

On Thursday, 6. May, severe frosts hit region from Scotland to the Carpathians, with the next very cold morning.

On Friday, 7. May, the coldest air will shift above the UK, Denmark, the Netherlands and northern Germany.

On Saturday, 8. May, last frosts and ground frosts before expected heatwave hit Denmark, NE Germany, Poland, Czechia and Slovakia.

Forecasts associated with expected European heatwave around 10. May 2021 will be updated on Mkweather soon.

Illustration photo. IN PHOTOS: Why Italian farms are freezing fruit trees to protect from frost – The Local

Infographics: coolwx.xom,

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