Snowstorms hit large parts of Russia and Canada, Far East and western Canada expect cold Spring 2021

During the first two February 2021 decades, extreme coldwaves hit mainly parts of Europe, the USA, southern Asia and northern Africa.

Last week, extreme frosts and snowtorms on thousands kilimeters long cold fronts have shifted above Russia and Canada.

Russia has reported -50°C, rarely below -55°C frosts and regional snowstorms, while in Canada, snowy and very cold conditions are still continuing.

Many Russian and Canadian cities experienced in last days with snow calamity and on 1. March, the first Spring 2021 day, minimum temperatures dropped to -53,6°C in Habardino, Russia and -47,7°C in Lac La Martre, Canada.

Extreme coldwave in Russia is currently shifting towards Far East (in northern Japan will be around 5.-6. March / and Eastern Asia, and in eastern Canada, powerful blizzard, associated with floods on its cold front in Kentucky / is bringing /has brought heavy snowfall.

Thanks to La nina, cold Spring 2021 in Far East and western Canada is expected, other parts of Russia and Canada should be above temperature average, maybe with little negative anomalies in south-Central Canada up to southwestern Hudson Bay, according to some forecast.

Spring forecasts for North America and Asia you should look here /;
Author: marekkucera
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