Third May night in the UK with -6°C: All-time May temperature record for Northern Ireland should be broken

While at the weekend (1. May), temperature in England dropped to -5,8°C (Shap) /, May Bank Holiday Monday, 3. May 2021 brought even colder times in the UK.

In Kinbrace in the Highlands in Scotland, -5,9°C was measured, what is only 3,5°C warmer, than all-time May temperature record for the country from 1941. It´s the coldest temperature on May Bank Holiday Monday in the UK in all-time history.

Night from Wednesday to Thursday, 5.-6. May 2021 should bring according to Met Office again temperatures up to -6°C, with very close temperatures to all-time temperature record in Northern Ireland (-6,5°C) .

On Monday, 3. May, extremely cold was in Belgium, too, with -5,2°C in Elseborn (only 1,2°C from national May record from 1941:

During the first May 2021 days, all-time monthly records were regionally reported from France, Germany and the Spain /

Extremely cold weather in early May 2021 is only continuing of extremely April 2021 in Europe /; and only a part of the longer period with cold conditions on the Earth /

On Tuesday and Wednesday, 4.-5. May, was mornings in Europe little warmer.

On Tuesday, 4. May 2021, the lowest temperatures were measured in Cewice, Poland, -3,5°C, Cairnwell, the UK, -3,1°C, Oberstdorf, Germany, -2,7°C, Briancon, France, -2,6°C, Liesek, Slovakia, -2,1°C, Pec pod Snežkou, Czechia, -1,7°C, Miercurea Ciuc, Romania, -1,4°C, Szeczeny, Hungary, -1,4°C, Varena, Lithuania, -1,2°C, Kocevje, Slovenia, -1,1°C an Puchberg, Austria, -1,0°C.

On Wednesday, 5. May 2021, was the coldest in Belach na Ba and Great Dun Fell, the UK, -3,6°C, Miercurea Ciuc, Romania, -3,3°C, Valke Maarja, Estonia, -1,9°C, Wasserkruppe, Germany, -0,9°C, Briancon, France, -0,7°C, Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine, -0,5°C or Mont Rigi, Belgium, -0,4°C.

Frosts are however expected to intensify in many parts of Europe during the next mornings, before an arrival of strong heatwave /, therefore it´s possible, that late-frosts news from Europe we will bring during the next days, yet.

According to current forecasts, only ground frosts are across continental Europe after heatwave (cca 12.-20. May), mainly in basins and valleys, possible.

On the other hand, any bigger heatwaves aren´t in outlook until 20. May 2021 and in the UK, mainly Scotland, or even Germany, unseasonably snowfall should even occur.

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