May 2021 will be cold, summer for continental Europe is shifting into early June 2021

After the coldest April in some parts of Europe in more than 100 years, May 2021 appears such as the next cold month in continental Europe and British Islands.

Contribution to this statement have given the newest forecasts of GFS, which have shifted summer weather for continental Europe (from France to Ukraine) only to early June 2021, while minimally until 28. May 2021, series of ground frosts is forecasted /

However, in southern Europe, still powerful heatwaves are until the end of May 2021 forecasted /

According to ESWD composite tool from NOAA, cold character of May 2021 is persisting in Iceland, France, Benelu, Germany, Alpine and Carpathian region, Poland and northern Balkan in 1000 hPa level and in the same coutnries plus British Islands in 850 hPa level so far.

Next week with ground frosts, in British Islands regionally with frosts up to -5°C / should change this composites to more colder variants, yet.

Summer weather from southern Europe will shift above mid-latitudes later than was forecasted, only in early June 2021, with possibility of +30°C in Central Europe.

Outputs from wetterzentrale below are showing, that this relatively light heatwave should come above continent from classical direction – from the Spain, Portugal and France and gradually move above Central Europe eastward.

What is interesting, too, GFS sees high probability of frosts in British Islands in the first June 2021 days (Scotland), therefore, cold weather in NW Europe should continue.

Latest seasonal forecasts for NW Europe promise very cold Summer 2021 for British Islands and cold conditions should persist in next months too from northern France into Baltic region and Finland, including Benelux, northern Germany and northern Poland, what wasn´t forecasted earlier, therefore it appears, that impact of La nina, weak solar cycle and volcanic eruptions in 2021 are stronger such was expected a few months ago /

In Scotland even, should appear snowing below 1000 MASL or frosts during Summer 2021 /

Source: Daily Climate Composites: NOAA Physical Sciences Laboratory


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